On the trail leading to the Cristallina Lodge, at about 2540 m, just before the lodge, one can find a very rare flower, the Christ's Euphrasia (Euphrasia christii, Christs Augentrost, Euphrasie de Christ). It's a flower growing just in few other places, like in the Simplonpass region and in the north part of Ticino, where you can find it at Bassa of the Lago Scuro (Val Canaria), at the Nufenenpass and indeed at Cristallina. The legend tells that when glaciers receded, this beautiful flower was left behind as rearward. (Pictures and text, Mario Maccanelli)

Did you know that descending from Cristallina towards Ossasco, just in the vicinity of the main parking, on some white rocks, a beautiful Orchid, quite diffused in Switzerland but very rare in Ticino,  is blooming?  Its name is Lady's-slipper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus). In most languages it has a feminine reference: Frauenschuh, Sabot de Venus, Pianelle della Madonna. Only in Bedretto Valley it has a masculine reference: Pedule del Signore (God's shoes).